The Difference?

  • Stretch only when you’re in the mood
  • A stretch for almost any position you find yourself in throughout the day
  • Can get flexible while doing other things, or on the go
  • Stretches go with nature, not against nature
  • No difficult or awkward stretches; no boring, predictable daily routine
  • Never have the feeling that you have to stretch; you will want to stretch
  • Never cram time into your busy schedule to stretch or feel guilty when you don’t
  • Can convert moments of boredom or resentment of losing time to valuable use of time
  • No rules or regulations to follow, only simple methodology
  • Very high chance it will put you to sleep like a baby (see Section 6)
  • No special breathing techniques
  • Anti-aging, increased flexibility, improved circulation – give yourself a new lease on life
  • Never waste time warming up before stretching, working out, or weight lifting
  • Muscle strains are infrequent to rare because of Stretching Your Way methodology
  • Never experience the dread and agony of trying to touch your toes like you did in gym class 
  • The most comfortable, most pleasurable, most relaxing, healthiest, most convenient, most practical, and safest stretching system in the world
  • No repetitions
  • Forget about counting as you hold a stretch
  • Saves time, energy, and money
  • Fountain of youth of all stretching systems


Larry Piller’s pioneering book, Stretching Your Way, contains a treasure trove of the world’s easiest stretches that you can trust to work like magic every time. It comes jam-packed with amazing stretches that can turn many mundane tasks and moments of boredom into pure bliss.  

Stretching Your Way is unique and extraordinary. It’s leisurely and tension-free. Say goodbye forever to antiquated stretching systems from bygone eras! 

Certified Massage Practitioner, Larry Piller, developed these ingenious stretches after years of debilitating back pain and lower back spasms. Simple tasks, such as lifting groceries out of the shopping cart or reaching into the dryer to remove the laundry threatened to trigger the pain. It’s no fun living in constant fear of possibly being disabled for days by the next spasm. 

Larry tried every stretching system he could get his hands on. A prominent physical therapist gave him a few stretches and that became his journey’s turning point. When the therapist told him to hold a stretch for seven to fifteen seconds, he knew that if he held it that long an ambulance would be coming to get him. That pushed Larry into experimenting with various ways to move his body. Starting with baby stretches he serendipitously discovered this magical way of stretching. 

Larry’s discoveries will help millions of people who suffer with muscular issues. 


  • Why you never need to warm up before stretching, working out, or weight lifting again – see page xiv 
  • A new way to stretch your hand and fingers – see pages 26-34 
  • The magic of a simplified triceps stretch – see page 19 
  • Arm stretches that can be done while you are waiting on hold – see pages 15-18 
  • How you can quickly stretch your lower back while sitting at your desk – see pages 49, 52, and 58 
  • A stretch for when you’re just getting into bed to ease you off to sleep – see page 50 
  • How to open up your whole upper body – see page 56 
  • Why you never have to touch your toes to get a hamstring stretch - see pages 106 and 112 
  • A stretch that will help you greet the day with a smile – see page 113 
  • How there’s a high chance that you’ll quickly fall asleep – and keep sleeping like a baby all night long – see Section 6
  • How to relieve an enormous amount of tension in the knee and kneecap area while toning your quads – see page 120
  • A stretch that will surprise you with peace and serenity – see page 114 
  • Simple, yet potent ways to tone your quadriceps – see pages 143 and 145 
  • A quad stretch from a position of comfort – see page 100 
  • How you can move with the agility and lightness of a martial artist warrior – see pages 124-130, 149, and 150 
  • How relaxing a stretch can be – see page 121

Stretching Your Way is so ridiculously easy to master, a 5th grader can do it instantly! When you stretch only when you are in the mood to stretch, matching your mood to a particular stretch becomes irresistible. 

The Anti-aging Way to Stretch

Other stretching systems age a person for the simple reason that most people never do them! They’re put off by boring, monotonous, and predictable stretching routines and overwhelmingly busy schedules. Who wants to jump through unnecessary hoops like awkward stretches and having to warm up before they start? It’s like having to prepare to climb Mount Everest every time you consider stretching. 

Anyone, from competitive athlete to a less-flexible senior, whether you're young or not or anywhere in between, Stretching Your Way improves your quality of life! 

Stretching Your Way is a magical methodology that works wonders for stretching your muscles in the safest and most reliable way.