Tommy Boone, PhD, MPH, MAM, MBA, Board Certified Exercise Physiologist

Professor, Department of Exercise Physiology The College of St. Scholastica, Duluth, MN 

When I read Larry Piller's book, Stretching Your Way, I was very impressed with the easy-to-follow instructions to achieve flexibility. The book is designed to incorporate flexibility training into a person's everyday activities. I like it very much.

Stretching Your Way is intelligently written and well illustrated. It is the book for anyone struggling with the problem of how to stretch and how to

do so without further injury or pain.

Lawyers, physicians, psychologists, accountants, corporate executives, homemakers, teachers, and even young children and teenagers who are desperate for a greater range of motion can benefit from Piller's book. It is an especially well-designed book for the older population whereby inactivity and/or injury may have resulted in the need to move without pain. I suggest that the reader will learn a lot of meaningful movement patterns that are safe and full of benefit from reading, Stretching Your Way.

As Larry Piller would say, "I welcome you to Stretching Your Way!"

Michael Greenspan

Neuromuscular Therapist, Owner, Massage Revolution

Santa Monica, California

Larry Piller brings daily convenience back into stretching with creative ways to fit it into our busy lifestyles. I highly recommend it!