Stretching Your Way seems too good to be true! I know you have a lot of questions. Below are the most frequently asked ones for your convenience, but if you have others please feel free to contact me! 


I see so many stretching books out there. What makes this one so different? 

The basic premise of Stretching Your Way is that you only do it when you are in the mood to stretch. There are no rules or regulations, no difficult or awkward stretches, no special breathing or equipment, no counting how long you hold a stretch, no repetitions, and NO boring daily routine. It is done with ease and can be incorporated spontaneously into your daily activities. That’s how it is different  


What made you write the book?  

Years of debilitating back pain and back spasms caused from muscle tightness had me trying every stretching system I could find. My physical therapist gave me some stretches and asked me to hold them for seven to fifteen seconds. I knew if I did, I’d be leaving in an ambulance. I experimented and developed these stretches with the leisurely methodology and it worked. I became more and more flexible. I was given a new lease on life. Now, I want to shout the good news about this way of stretching to the world and let it help others as it helped me. 


What are some examples of everyday activities I can do while performing your stretches? 

Stretching Your Way has a goldmine of stretches with something for almost any position you find yourself in during your normal day. You can stretch while sitting at your desk, talking on the phone, or using a mobile device. Such simple things as unloading the dishwasher, watching television, or making your bed, give you many golden opportunities to stretch. Even while you are sitting waiting for an appointment, you can be stretching; but in all cases, only if you are in the mood to do so. 


You say you have stretches that have a high chance of putting you to sleep. What happens if my husband has trouble sleeping and is on medication for it, can your stretches help get him off the medication?  

I don’t know all the reasons your husband is on medication but the best thing I would suggest is for him to try it, if he is sleeping much better with the medication and stretching, he can talk to his physician and if together they decide it is safe, he can try cutting back on the medication. However, you only do these stretches when you are in the mood to do them, so it is not an every-night thing.  


Can severe back problems really be alleviated without drugs or surgery? 

My system only deals with the muscular aspect of back problems. I'm living proof that Stretching Your Way is effective in alleviating severe back pain caused by muscle tightness. I can't make this claim for spinal problems where drugs or surgery may be necessary. For some individuals, Stretching Your Way proves useful in conjunction with conventional or alternative therapies. 


You recommend spontaneous stretching. Are you saying that I can become flexible without following a daily routine? 

Absolutely! You only stretch when you’re in the mood to stretch and Stretching Your Way offers a gold mine of opportunities to stretch. Most people dread daily routines. Most if not all stretching systems are riddled with awkward stretches and difficulties that make people feel worn out from the pressure of keeping up. So, they give up. With Stretching Your Way it’s impossible to get worn out because you only do it when you are in the mood.  

Is your system similar Yoga or Pilates? 

With Stretching Your Way, there are no gymnastic poses or special breathing techniques. You won't bother with exercise balls or special machines. The stretches are tremendously effective and easy to master. Stretching Your Way means better flexibility for life because the lifestyle is so sustainable.