Under Bicep, Shoulder, Forearm, and Wrist




 From position shown in Figure 1.16, extend shoulder out as is comfortable and bring fingers back a tad at the same time. 

Right Triceps, Outer Side of Wrist, Hand, and Little Finger




From the position shown, extend your right shoulder and elbow out to the side as far as is comfortable and, at the same time, bring your thumb and hand downward.

Left Neck, Shoulder, Triceps, and Top of Forearm




 From the position shown in Figure 1.14, extend your left shoulder and arm out to the side, as is comfortable, while bringing the side of your left hand back.

To stretch the lower inner forearm and top of the inside of your left hand, bring your fist toward you, as is comfortable, or bring the side of your left hand back..

Hand and Fingers



 From the position shown in Figure 1.40, simply shake one hand or both hands together for about ten seconds as though you are trying to shake off some water. This will usually make your hand(s) feel more flexible. 

Right Inner Groin and Thigh



From the position shown in Figure 3.6a, lean forward slightly. If you don’t get the desired stretch, lean a little to the left and down.

Lower Back



From the position shown in Figure 2.5, with your knees bent, lean downward as is comfortable. Also, you can lean to the left to stretch your right lower back or lean to the right to stretch your left lower back.  

You can also do this stretch in a chair. Sit with your feet as is comfortable with your feet on the floor. Bend over and rest your arms on your knees.

From holding the position shown in Figure 2.5 you can also do an isometric quadriceps toning.

Lower Right Side of the Back



From the position shown in Figure 2.11, at same time crawl your forearms to the left across the desk as is comfortable, while turning your lower right side of your back to left and a little down. To get more of a stretch, you can put your left hand or forearm on your lower quad about three inches above your knee and with your right arm supporting you, lean as far to the left and down as is comfortable.  

Lower Back and Hamstrings



From position shown in Figure 2.17, lean forward as is comfortable. Also, you can go to the left, the middle or the right as is comfortable. Coming back up, push up with hands to withdraw from stretch.

Top of Foot



From position shown, bring toes downward and bring your toes and side of foot inward, and get a stretch on the side of the foot.  Top and side of foot stretches, can be done lying on your side as well, as long as you have room to bring your foot or feet down or inward. You also can use a pillow between your legs to raise your foot so you can bring your foot or feet down, or hang your feet over the edge. 

This by itself, or in combination with other stretches, has a high chance to put you to sleep like a little baby.