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Larry Piller, CMP, CAMTC

Larry Piller, author of Stretching Your Way, is transforming lives with his magical way of stretching. All other muscle-stretching systems are from a bygone era in terms of comfort, pleasure, relaxation, health, convenience, functionality, and safety. At 44, Larry was plagued with lower back spasms from tightening muscles, which, once begun, quickly became more severe. As time went on, his muscles became tighter and the spasms more debilitating. 

 He lived in fear of excruciating back pain because even the simplest activities – wiping his feet on a mat, getting in and out of a car, or even lifting groceries from a shopping cart – could trigger another spasm. Some lasted only moments, others could debilitate him for days. 

He followed various experts’ advice for stretching, exercising, massage, etc. but nothing worked. Frustrated by all the time, energy, and the considerable amount of money he had invested, and desperate to liberate himself from the hell he was experiencing, Larry experimented with stretching on his own. He discovered a new, revolutionary way of stretching that changed his life.

Larry has now been stretching for more than 25 years. As a result of his magical stretching system methodology, he has had very few muscle spasms in his back and can now amazingly put his palms to floor – and while bending his knees slightly, he can bend over sideways and touch his ankles with his fingertips.

After more than two decades developing stretches, Larry, Certified Massage Practitioner, wrote Stretching Your Way, to share his proven and magical approach to help others feel younger, more alive, and have a sense of accomplishment and purpose as they become more flexible and healthier.

Larry Piller, CMP, CAMTC

Larry Piller, CMP, CAMTC